Terms of service

【Nomination fee】 2000 yen 
[1. Reservations] 
You can make a reservation within one month after the release schedule. Regular reservations are made during the release schedule, and special setting reservations are made outside the release schedule. Only members can make reservations for more than one month. (Please contact us for details.) The reservation form or the official LINE can respond quickly. Reservation form
Official LINE https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40kqd7115i
[2. 2 hours before the day] 
Please make a reservation 2 hours before the day. We will then contact you to confirm your reservation. If you are waiting, please inform us of your hairstyle, clothes, bags and shoes color and design at least one hour before the meeting time to ensure a smooth merge. 
[3. Waiting] 
If you are the first time, please wait at the designated place near the designated station. Call from the therapist. If you are a second or more person, you can meet in the designated hotel room.
[4. Counseling & Shower] 
After entering the room, we will first ask you about your request for treatment. Please let us know not only your request but also NG matters. Then, when the therapist is ready, please shower and brush your teeth. If the customer leaves the shower, the therapist will take a shower in turn and the time count will start after bathing. However, if you wish to take a bath together, we will start time counting from the time of bathing. In addition, in order to secure time, individual bathing will be done within 10 minutes per person and counting from time exceeding 20 minutes.
 [5. Original full body beauty massage] 
First of all, I will give you a massage. Oil massage relaxes and warms the body, increasing sexual sensitivity, so relax and try a massage. Of course, you can have a conversation with the therapist. Once the body is fully relaxed, it will gradually shift to sexuality.
[6. Erotic massage] 
The treatment will be performed according to the counseling request, but the therapist will lead, so please leave yourself to enjoy. It gradually shifts to stimulation of the erogenous zone. Watching the reaction of the customer while taking in the "irritating effect", caressed directly to the erogenous zone (bust / local). It leads to the ultimate orgasm that you can not usually taste. These repetitions (any number of times over time) have a positive effect on the normal secretion of female hormones (optimization of balance).
 [7. Shower] 
After the treatment, please proceed to the shower. For a short time, you can take a bath with your therapist. After bathing, it is regrettable, but the treatment ends. If the treatment is at a hotel, we will disband at the hotel taking into account your privacy. (If you wish, we can send you off to the station, so please let us know your request.)
[8. Questionnaire] 
The questionnaire will be accepted from Kaikan. 
We are constantly striving to provide our customers with services that exceed their expectations. We aim to improve our services based on customer surveys, and our therapists also look over them. We would be grateful if you could receive frank opinions such as "satisfaction", "impressions" and "improvement requests". The next time you make a reservation, if you make a reservation for the same therapist within a certain period of time, and if you are presented with a word-of-mouth screen before the reservation is confirmed, we will discount the nomination fee as a word of mouth. [LINE reservation is convenient for sending images]
[Reservation method] 
①Reservation form②Official LINE③KaikanLINE Sorry, the inquiry form and the information on the phone will be one operation, so it may be late to notice the contact.
 [Information required for reservation] 
①Name (possible pseudonym) 
②Contact information (email address, phone number, etc.) 
③ desired date and time 
④ Desired meeting place
 ⑤ Desired course 
⑥ Hope therapist
We will specify the amount and final meeting place.
[Special setting] 
Customers who make reservations for more than a week or who have exchanged with a therapist via DM or LINE will not be able to cancel. The change is a change that does not lower the payment amount and is accepted within one month.
[Required expenses] 
Treatment fee + transportation fee + nomination fee + option → Please pay to our shop Facility venue fee (hotel fee) + meal fee → Please pay to each facility 
【emergency contact】 
Only cancellation contact and emergency response are accepted by phone. 07033321919 
Be sure to contact the store in the following emergency situations. 
・ I came to the meeting place, but I couldn't hear from the therapist when it was time 
・ I suddenly became ill (cancel free of charge only for infectious diseases) In addition, we do not hear cancellation by menstruation. 
I will guide you to the erotic service without I-line touch.
[About the hotel] 
When using a business hotel, please make sure to make sure that the therapist can enter the facility before making a reservation. The hotel cannot be canceled due to the hotel being unavailable. You can not change the time or amount, but we will guide you on the dating service. 
[About courses and basic services] 
Each course sets the level of evaluation and treatment of the customer according to our original standards. The Cinderella Course is a therapist who has just entered the store and is learning skills. Elizabeth Course is a highly qualified therapist who has completed technical training. Victoria is one of the most respected Elizabeth therapists and is one of the most prestigious therapists. The Victoria Course is only available to members who have been approved by the store. For the ABCD of each course, please refer to the contents of the basic service.
[About cancellation fee] 
Cancellations will be notified by phone from 11:00 to 22:00, and will not be accepted by therapist or email. Cancellation emails in the middle of hours outside of reception hours will not be accepted and cancellation fees may be charged. A cancellation fee of 2,000 yen will be charged as a refund fee when using the card. Cancellation on the day will be a heavy burden on the therapist, Cancellation will be applied regardless of reasons such as period or overtime. 24 hours before reservation time 5000 yen for telephone contact 3 hours before reservation time After meeting 3 hours before the reservation time, transportation expenses + 10,000 yen Special settings, no contact, no meeting Cancellation notices, changes with lower prices, and emergency responses are accepted by telephone. 08091861919 07033321919 You will get the card information at the telephone. If you do not receive the card information or you cannot confirm the transfer by paying in the next morning, we will refuse the next use.
[I will not do any actual production! ] 
We strictly prohibit so-called production activities and male therapists from performing ejaculation, and are not only prohibited by law but also punishable in-house. If you want to insert it, please bring a strapon or sexual toy.
 [Use under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited by law. ] 
Both the customer and the therapist must be at least 18 years of age to be against the law. If you are under the age of 18, you will not be able to receive treatment. If you receive your age falsely, you will not only be subject to legal penalties, but also may enter into legal means from our shop.
[The following customers are not available] 
For those who are required for actual production, those who are requested outside the store, those who have requested contact with the therapist without prior permission of the store, those who tried to contact the therapist on routes not authorized by the store, those under 18 years old, Unsanitary, taking drugs, drunk, behaving in a manner that interferes with the provision of services, violent or criminal behavior, or who is actually acting, psychopath, Those who have difficulty in communicating in Japanese, such as business solicitation, pulling out, demanding hard play without prior consultation, menstrual period (exceptionally possible), unilateral evaluation, etc. , Those who judge that the use of the store is economically difficult, those who make financial negotiations directly as therapists, those who have been banned or nominated at other stores, rumored unnecessarily at the back site or off-party Those who seem to have shed, cancellation fee Who Fu払, other, when the shop was determined that pursuant to these
If you have not paid the cancellation fee in the past, you can start using it if you pay the cancellation fee and the delay damages 
★ If you violate the law, you may be required to pay damages as a penalty to the store. If you violate the terms, you may be required to pay damages as a penalty to the store.




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